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58 Kennington Park Road - SE11 4RS - London

Burratina Pugliese

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London is such a huge city, with a mix of ethnicities, cultures, traditions and religions.

So what could we offer to our customers when every kind of food has already been discovered? How to stand out from the crowd? How can we make a difference? We are Italians and food is central in our daily lives, we love London and we are proud to raise awareness on our culinary art to anyone that loves Italy.

Most of the Italian restaurants in London make Italian food with a hint of international taste, changing the recipes to suit most tastes of this multiethnic city. We are different! We want to keep the traditions and to offer a Real Italian food, we want to share the real Mediterranean flavours.

For this reason, we cannot change the ingredients of Traditional recipes or to our Homemade dishes. At Maximo you can enjoy a different Italian regional menu every week, accompanied by typical wines. Our cuisine is made of genuine ingredients and most of the food is handmade so as to ensure freshness.

And it seems that, according to many of our customer’s feedback, “it goes down a storm”.

Malloreddus & Carasau


Not just staff, we are family!

Our small environment allows us to maintain a friendly atmosphere and a homely feeling.

All  our staff are proud to be part of the business and do their job with professionalism, creativity and passion for food

Their hard work is everyday rewarded by the excellent feedback they get from our loyal customers and they enjoy it.


I have a wide experience either in finance and retail. Passion for food and catering came to me while I was a Navy Officer in Italy managing the Officer’s Clubhouse wine bar at the Italian Military Navy. After years of data managing and reports, I eventually had a change of heart and found my way in London. Here I have found my love. Therefore we decided to open our small restaurant Maximo, named after the fusion of our names, Massimo (Max) and Simona (Simo). After almost 5 years of activity, we are happy about the choose we done.

Massimo Donato (Max)

Massimo Donato
Simona Vacca

Simona Vacca (Simo)

I am Maximo Bistrot Executive Chef. With over 10 years experience spent in Italy improving my experience and food knowledge, I have run my own catering Company/Restaurant and managed a brew pub which has enhanced my proficiency in this role. I came to London to work for different restaurants, and also had the privilege to work for the Olympics and learnt to cook a food variety from different Countries. Having shadowed high-profile Chefs such Nino Figus in Italy and Ed Baines in London has definitely increased my passion for food . Meeting Massimo I materialized my dreams in life and at work . Now we walk together in the same direction with plans to expand our projects. Keeping the authenticity of Italian traditions is our prerogative at Maximo.

Elisa Bordonaro (cheffina)